Alamwar Fashion

Our style of garments and accessories can be described as Luxury Bohemian.  Using a range of fabrics, prints, and embroideries , Alamwar fashion collections can be layered to create your own personal style.

We scout the markets for the best fabrics in hand made silk, cotton, linen, and blends. These are transformed by our design and production teams into exotic, fun, and luxurious clothing.

Alamwar Fashion explores a multitude of embroidery styles from various parts of the world. Our 2015 Fashion collections explore designs and motifs from Global cultures. Intricate Moghul Jali screen patterns are imprinted in a metallic patina on linen. Floral inlay motifs that adorn the Taj Mahal are brought to life on delicate silk and chiffon fabrics that are transformed into avant-garde fashions. The use of embroidery designs from Uzbekistan in Central Asia, to Chikkan embroidery hand-made by women from Lucknow, North India, adds to our many visually captivating textures.

We have been working with artisans in Hyderabad, South India, to revive the age-old craft of embroidery called Masnath. These exquisite embroideries are embossed to achieve a raised effect by creating a base of heavy threads which is then covered with colorful and delicate hand stitches. Our hand-woven and intricate tye-dyed scarves are brought to you from various parts of India reaching from West Bengal in the East to Kutch in the West. The renowned Ikat and other hand woven textiles that are featured in Alamwar Fashion collections come from various weaving villages in the South of India. The temple town of Srikalahasti, is home to the painters who hand-paint our scarves using natural botanical dyes. Our tote-bags are made of tribal textiles which feature rich hand-embroidery done by women in the regions of the Northwest Frontier Provinces.

Welcome to our world of Luxury Bohemian handmade textiles and fashion.